More than 160 Years of Experience

BURGER GROUP as an Employer

Wir sind stolz darauf, regelmässig für unsere mitarbeiternahe Personalpolitik ausgezeichnet zu werden.

As an employer with over 160 years of experience, our management is guided by a sense of responsibility. We are committed to appreciation of our employees, who work together with us every day to ensure our success in the BURGER GROUP. To be able to offer employees long-term prospects in our company, our human resources efforts are an integral part of our corporate strategy.

What makes us special is our requirement to view employees firstly as people. Our cooperation is friendly and familiar across all levels; we offer flat hierarchies, open doors and direct lines of communication. With our people-centered approach, our company is also an ideal place for career changers and natural talents.

Diverse leisure activities, a company health management program, professional training activities, a performance-based bonus program and numerous other benefits such as birthday gifts, bike leasing, seasonal extras, etc., support not only the well-being but also the health and personal development of each individual. BURGER GROUP BENEFITS

We manufacture systems using state-of-the-art, future-oriented technologies and a high degree of automation. Our orientation towards diverse sectors ensures that we can remain extremely stable in the face of market fluctuations.



For more than 35 years I have experienced my job here in the BURGER GROUP as safe, no matter what is going on in the world - where else is this common?The greatest motivation for me is the trust that people place in me here. And if something doesn't go so smoothly, we just talk openly.

Ralf KälbleTeam Leader Metal Processing

What I feel is really great here: You are seen as a person. Somehow we're a bit like a family: You don't want to harm each other and are tolerant with others. In my work, it is therefore particularly important to me to pass this good feeling on to our visitors - they notice it!

Bettina FehrenbachReception

I really enjoy working at the BURGER GROUP. We just have a great climate and are a great team. The fact that I want to build a future with this job is totally supported.

Gildas AsongweQuality Officer


What we offer you

As an employee, you will join our large BURGER family and enjoy the same benefits as your colleagues. Besides fair wages and job security, we offer our employees local company apartments, language courses, and support in handling administrative formalities with the authorities. We will also provide assistance in bringing your family to join you and with your children’s school enrolment, should you decide to stay with us for an extended period.

  • Employee bonus
  • 50% holiday pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • BURGER FITNESS health program
  • Bike leasing option
  • BURGER ACADEMY continuing education program
  • BURGER WEAR work apparel
  • Subsidies for PPE (hearing protection, safety shoes, etc.)
  • Holiday care for children
  • Company pension scheme
  • Seasonal fruit basket